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While others cover up their costs, Folionet seeks to be transparent. There are no commissions or subscriptions, only a $0.98 processing fee for each trade you make.

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Become a Shareholder

Invest in your favorite stocks. Obtain the benefits of being a shareholder of the companies you trust.

No Minimums

Invest at your own pace. No minimums or monthly payments, only a $0.98 processing fee per trade.

Build your own portfolio

Choose from different options for your portfolio: stocks, ETFs, and more.

Real-time Monitoring

Track your Portfolio, Watchlists and news in real time.

Customize your orders

Choose from a variety of order types and time frames.

We're to help

Our team is here to make sure you have an excellent investment experience with Folionet.

Investment and cash protection

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Easy learning with Folionet

You don’t need to be a professional investor. With Folionet you can learn how to invest in the stock market while relying on our weekly presentations, videos, or advisory group.