What is Investing?

What is Investing?

How Can I Start Investing?

You have probably asked yourself at least once what to do with your savings. Should I spend it on a new phone, save for my future, or should I invest it?

Bottom line is that it’s always a personal choice. But in most cases, people can afford to save money and use some to invest.

So, What is Investing?

Investing is taking a part of your income to be used in an investment account.

You may be thinking that investing is limited to people with big sums of money and access to financial markets. In the past this may have been true, however Fintech companies, such as Folionet, make financial markets more accessible every day.

The only thing you need to start investment is a brokerage account with a licensed broker.

How Much Money do I Need to Start a Brokerage Account?

Most brokerage accounts ask for big sums of cash for initial investment. However, every day this idea becomes more obsolete. New technologies in the financial sector have made online transactions more affordable and accessible to non-traditional users. Therefore, you can start your own investment account with us right away on a budget of your preference, commissions free.

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