Customer who would like to send funds back from their brokerage account to their bank have 2 options:

  1. Transfer to your bank (US Bank Withdraw)
  2. International Wire Withdraw

To transfer funds back to a US Bank account or via international wire please request a transfer form to

Withdrawal Limitations

Settlement Period 

Before you can withdraw funds to your bank account, this funds must be settled. The settlement period of a transaction usually takes T+2 (the trade date plus 2 trading days). After this period, the funds will be available to withdraw.

Withdrawal Holding Period

All the fund’s deposits to your Folionet account, require a holding period of six (6) business days before they can be withdrawn. We must comply with the anti-money laundering procedures.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Withdrawals Regulations

For anti-money laundering procedures, all funds received from a bank account must return to the same bank account. If you want to make a withdrawal to a different bank account, your funds must stay in your Folionet account for at least 60 days.