Abrindo uma conta


Momentarily we require for you to contact us directly at to complete the registration procedure. When an individual selects to open an account with Folionet, the first step is completing the online profile and questions. Subsequently, follows the online verification process by providing a picture of the passport, a selfie, and a picture of individual’s signature, […]


Folionet makes it easy and simple to have a US brokerage account. The only requirements are: Be 18 years or older A valid passport. A bank account. Technology Requirements: Folionet is currently available on iOS and Android. We provide support for mobile and tablet devices. Folionet is available for iPhone and iPads on the App […]

Industry-Related Individuals

You may be considered an industry-related individual if: You are affiliated with or are employed by FINRA, a stock exchange, or a FINRA member firm. You are the spouse of an industry related individual. You are the dependent of an industry related individual. If one of these applies, a written authorization explicitly granting you permission […]

What is my Foreign Tax ID Number?

Country FTID Name FTID Code Argentina Número de Identificación Tributaria CUIT Bolivia Número de Identificación Tributaria NIT Brazil Cadastro de Persona Física CPF/CNPJ Chile Rol Único Tributario RUT Colombia Número de Identificación Tributaria NIT Costa Rica Número de Identificación Tributaria Especial NITE Dominican Republic Registro Nacional de Contribuyente RNC Ecuador Rol Único de Contribuyentes NUC El Salvador […]