Feral Markets vs Market Correction

You sure have heard or read sometime about bulls and bears in markets. So, let’s talk about the bulls and the bears. The concept comes, allegedly, on the way the both animals attack. While bulls tend to attack with their horns upwards, bears move their claws on a downward move. Hence, a bull market is […]


When looking for a good opportunity for investment there are a few things any investor should look first. We already talk about company’s goals and culture. Although those are important variables to consider in an investment, there are some other aspects you could investigate it before making a decision. All things considered, if you are […]

What does the company do? What are its goals?

In you’re in for the long-term you should ask yourself if you feel related to the company you are investing in. Before jumping in to the action you should ask yourself some questions first. Do you believe in the product they are selling? Would you buy it? Do you think the company has an innovative […]

Compra de ações e escolha de uma posição

After setting up your brokerage account you’ll be able to operate on financial markets. There, probably you’ll want to start by buying a stock. Stocks have many peculiarities that investors check in order to find an opportunity. Some of them are obvious and simple and some require a little bit of advanced knowledge. But don’t […]

Fee-based advisor or commission-based broker?

The financial advice industry has been changing very rapidly and especially in the last couple of years fueled by technology innovations, new and upcoming regulations, and growth in passive investment (ETFs), among others. With all these changes and more to come, one area that has been scrutinized recently is the fee and commission structure of […]