New Account Form Walkthrough

The New Account Form can be a little confusing. This is a brief explanation of each field in the form in case you have any trouble.

You are also welcome to contact us directly at to speak to one of our representatives if you need further assistance.

Required Sections:

  1. Account Type
  2. Customer Type
  3. Account Information
  4. Suitability Information
  5. Investment Profile
  6. Additional Account Information
  7. Signature

Account Type

CASHRecommended for first-time investors. This is the most basic method of trading in which you only use your deposited funds.
MARGINTrade using leverage and borrowed funds from Folionet. Visit Folionet Fees for additional information.
OPTIONNot supported at this time. Please do not select this option.

Customer Type

Currently we only support INDIVIDUAL accounts. Please select this option.

* Set to YES if you are a broker or dealer.

Account Information

ACCOUNT NAMEYour full name as it appears on your government-issued ID
DATE OF BIRTHDate of birth in the following format MM/DD/YYYY
SOCIAL SECURITY/TAX ID #Social Security Number for U.S. citizens or residents, or the respective Tax Identification Number from your country of citizenship. 

Click here to see your country’s corresponding Tax ID Number.
U.S CITIZENPlease confirm that you are a U.S. Citizen, even if you live in a different country or have dual-citizenship.
IF NO, WHAT COUNTRY?If you selected NO in the previous question, please enter the name of your country of citizenship.
HOME ADDRESSPlease enter your home address with as much information as possible including street address, apartment/unit #, house name, etc. plus city, state, postal code and country.
EMAIL ADDRESSPlease enter the best email address where we can reach you, if necessary.
MAILING ADDRESSIf you would like any documents to be mailed to a different address other than your home, please enter a mailing address in the same format as your home address. 

Note: If you are a non-U.S. resident and your mailing address is in the U.S., please submit a letter explaining your reasons to choose that address.
MARRIEDMarital Status
JOINT APPLICANT’S NAMEPlease leave blank since we don’t support Joint Accounts at this time.
NUMBER OF DEPENDENTSNumber of individuals whom you support financially
HOME TELEPHONE NO.Your home phone number. Please be sure to include the country code such as +1, +58, +57, etc.
BUSINESS TELEPHONE NO.Your work phone number. Please be sure to include the country code such as +1, +58, +57, etc.
EMPLOYERThe name of your Employer. If you are self-employed, please enter the name of your company. 

If you are currently not employed, please enter whether you are UNEMPLOYED, RETIRED or STUDENT.
YEARS EMPLOYEDThe number of years you have been employed in your line of work
POSITIONYour current job title
BUSINESS ADDRESSWork address with as much information as possible including street address, apartment/unit #, house name, etc.
CITY | STATE | ZIP CODECity, State, Zip Code (if applicable) of your work address
HAVE YOU GRANTED TRADING AUTHORIZATION TO ANOTHER PARTY?Confirm if you have granted any authorization to any individual or company to use your trading account on your behalf. If YES, please include the company name and stock symbol.
IS THE ACCOUNT HOLDER A CONTROL PERSON OR A STOCKHOLDER OF A PUBLICLY TRADED COMPANY?You are considered a control person if you hold a managing position or own 10% of a company. If either of these is true, please select YES and include the company’s name and stock symbol.
ARE YOU, OR ANYONE AUTHORIZED TO TRADE IN YOUR ACCOUNT, AFFILIATED WITH OR WORK FOR A MEMBER FIRM OF A STOCK EXCHANGE OR F.I.N.R.A?If either of these is true, please select YES and provide the name of the firm.

Suitability Information

TIME HORIZONThe number of years planned to achieve your financial goal. Please choose one.
LIQUIDITY NEEDSHow important is it to be able to quickly and easily sell your stocks with minimum loss? Securities with a higher trading volume are easiest to convert into cash. Please choose one.

Investment Profile

INVESTMENT OBJECTIVEIncomeEarn income from investments through interest, dividends, etc.GrowthInvest in stocks with intent to sell at a higher price.SpeculationTake a risk to make a quick profit by investing in fluctuating stocks.OtherIf different from above, please specify.
INVESTMENT EXPERIENCEHow much experience you have investing in the financial markets
ANNUAL INCOMEAn estimate of your yearly income
LIQUID NET WORTHThe part of your net worth that can easily be converted into cash, not including real estate or cars
TOTAL NET WORTHThe total value of your assets minus any debts such as mortgage, loans, credit card balance, etc.
RISK TOLERANCELowI don’t mind taking a lower gain for a piece of mind.MediumI can handle some loss if there is a chance for a decent gain.HighI’m willing to take a high risk to try to get maximum gains.

Additional Account Information

IS THE ACCOUNT MAINTAINED FOR A CURRENT OR FORMER POLITICALLY EXPOSED PERSON OR PUBLIC OFFICIAL?If you are of have previously been an elected official, please select YES and answer the next two questions.